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School Signs Educational Wall Art, Wallpaper Murals & Window Murals can totally transform the interior and exterior of your school

Add WOW factor!

Bespoke Wall Art and Signage for Schools can totally transform the interior and exterior of your learning environment.

There is no limit to what you can achieve through the power of our creative designs! Whether you want to improve wellbeing, boost attainment or spark your students’ natural curiosity, our talented team will help you achieve your school improvement goals.

Inspiring Wall Murals

Inspire Learning

Communicate everything that’s positive about your school to everyone connected to it. With custom Wall Art for Schools, you can create an inspiring environment in which to work and learn.

Celebrate your school’s unique vision and values, complement your diverse curriculum or transform a dull or unloved area of your school. Wave goodbye to dull, uninspiring walls and say hello to a school mural world of wonder!

Well planned and designed school educational Wall Art, Wallpaper murals and Signs can connect with students and staff in a way like no other. This encompasses a medley of things; carefully selected images, bold eye catching colours, the quality of design and materials and individually placed select messaging. The size and scale of school wall art and wallpaper murals also, has the ability to wow and delight everyone who sees them.

Wall Art and Signage Solutions for Schools

Black Blue White offer a diverse range of school Wall Art for Primary Schools, Kindergarten and Childcare Centres and High Schools in South East Queensland.


Library Wall Art

Simply put, reading is magic! And it can completely change a child’s life.

That’s why we take immense pride in creating stunning, immersive library and literacy Wallpaper Wall Art for Schools.


Stair Well Murals & Signs

Imagine walking the steps of your school alongside a 3 metre high image of Albert Einstein or dodging a dinosaur as you make your way to a history lesson. Then picture your student’s faces as they gaze in awe at the pyramids of Gaza or immerse themselves in a tropical rainforest on their way to a science class.

School Stairwell makeovers can also contribute to the mental and emotional health of your pupils and staff. In fact, there’s a lot of research showing the positive effects of the visual environment on pupil wellbeing. pupil wellbeing.

Stairwell Makeovers will also turn your school steps into an area that pupils and staff actually want to visit. For example, you can use calm, natural designs to create a tranquil environment. Or, use bold colours, vibrant fonts and large images to inject some excitement into the area.

Mural sign

Classroom Wall Murals

School class rooms can cover a myriad of different purposes, from science labs, music rooms to interchangeable class rooms and break out rooms. You might like to choose a curriculum focus for your Class Room Wall Art, celebrate world leaders, Historic events or give a nod to nature to create a calm and natural learning environment, with the likes of enthralling science wall art.

School Toilet Block Murals and Values

Value & Corridor Wall Murals & Signs

Your school’s values and mottos are what set you apart from other schools in your area. Celebrate your unique qualities and showcase them combining a great image or graphics.

Values Murals and Boards can be installed anywhere at your school, from the external buildings to the internal hallways and classrooms. All designs are bespoke, so your messages, images, colour palette and overall look and feel will be completely unique to your school.

School Corridor Wraps are highly visual. They will inspire, motivate and engage pupils with a clever mix of large images, bold colours and standout fonts. Science and Maths themed Corridor Wraps are a very popular choice. History and Literacy based designs, and inspirational Quotes from famous figures also work well. But when it comes to choosing

a theme for your school Corridor Wrap, anything is possible. We’ll work closely with you to understand your goals and preferences, so we can make sure your school Corridor Murals exceeds expectations.

Inspiring Wall Murals

Welcome Signs & Wall Art

Consider the appearance of your school to a first-time visitor, first impressions are always based on appearance. Initially they will view your external walls, gates and signage, then they will walk towards the building and into your reception area. We can help you transform your school’s exterior or interior walls into warm and welcoming spaces. You can share your school’s vision and values, use your logo and school colours to create a professional look for your Welcome Wall Art. Inspirational messages, scenes from nature and photos of pupils in action are also very popular choices.

Inspiring Wall Murals

Welcome Signs & Wall Art

Think about the increasable resources that young people have at their disposal today, mobile phones, the internet, video streaming and they are all HIGHLY VISUAL by their own nature.

A school subject zone will allow pupils to interact daily with influential figures from history and literature, or complex scientific and maths formulas. By bringing your school subjects to life within image-rich subject zones, you’ll help students get a better understanding of why each subject matters. You can even use Geography Wall Art encompassing vivid photos, English Wall Art with inspirational quotes, Maths Wall Art that brings equations to life or a selection of interesting facts to turn your school curriculum into a memorable work of art.


Wall Map Murals

There is nothing quite as inspiring as seeing a large map of the world in front of your eyes. The seemingly endless expanse of oceans and continents across the globe never fails to impress.

Pupils will be able to visualise travelling around the world, seeing the sights and experiencing the thrill of discovering new destinations. They’ll be able to see where all the countries they’ve learned about at school are located in relation to each other.

Inspiring Wall Murals

School Toilet Block Murals and Values

Think about the walls and doors within your School toilet blocks. Are they white, cream, dull and worn? Do they add anything to the space, convey a message or set the mood for the day? If not, it might be time to think about giving those tired old doors a makeover. This is where Wall Art for schools can help. Wall Art can breathe life into School toilet blocks, it can totally transform a pupil high volume area of your school. Our Wall Art is bespoke so we can tailor the design to suit your toilet blocks designs and make some wow-factoring images combined with positive messaging.

camp-hill-pre-school-class-room-one-way-vision-window-graphics (1)

School Canteens Wall Art & Signage

This a space for sharing. A community where pupils are encouraged to enjoy and celebrate meal times, reduce waste, interact with each other and adopt good habits. A well designed piece of artwork can turn any school canteen into a positive visual environment for students. Many schools choose inspiring images, positive phrases or scenes from nature to instil an air of calm amongst pupils as they enjoy their lunch. Our bespoke Wall Art will allow you to create an atmosphere that perfectly suits your canteen and school environment.

Inspiring Wall Murals

Oneway Vision Window Murals

Our one way vision window safety and privacy film Window Murals in schools will provide a feeling of inclusion and well-being for your students.

A huge advantage to having window mural work done at your school is there is no need for expensive new infrastructure builds, which makes for a very cost-effective solution to creating a vibrant new change to the entire school environment.

JUST THINK MURALS ON GLASS. Teachers, you can transform your students classroom’s vision into a reality. Suitable for use on classroom windows & doors and sports hall glass windows & doors, basically anywhere glass has been installed. Scroll down and read more information about our oneway vision privacy film


Playgrounds & Outdoor Learning Space Wall Art & Signage

Outdoor Learning Spaces can extend your usable teaching space and provide a really fresh and interesting environment in which pupils can learn.

We design, paint and install Playground Wall Art for outdoor areas in primary schools, kindergarten and child care centres and high schools. The benefit from using these spaces is the endless types of designs we can offer, from nature and jungle themes to space and Science, there’s no limit to what we can design for your outdoor walls.

Some schools opt for an immersive, three-dimensional experience of the area’s history which elicits the realistic feeling of being there. Themes that will take students on a journey of escapism or on a history story time line. Others may choose Wall Art with a strong learning appeal that complements their curriculum. For example, your playground Wall Art can feature learning tools like phonics, number lines, fractions or letters of the alphabet.

A really popular idea for creating Outdoor Wall Art is to include a gaming element or a bit of competitive fun. For example, you could include prompts within your Wall Art that encourage pupils to do exercise, run, have a race or see how many star jumps they can do in a minute.

You can feature images of animals, flowers, people, places or even imaginary or mythical creatures. All our Wall Art is designed bespoke, so we can bring any vision to life.

Sports Hall Wall Art and Signage

Your Sports Hall is home to some of the most exciting events on your schools calendar. Pupils use this space to express themselves, enjoy movement, exercise and play sport. Any School Sports Hall Murals and signage can create an atmosphere that motivates students to do their best and have fun.

Focus on a theme or blend images from various sports and activities to create a truly inclusive space. We can design your school Sports Hall murals and signage tailored to the kind of environment you want to create. Images of sports in play are a great way to get pupils energised for after-school practices and competitive sports games. Inspirational quotes from famous sports stars will motivate students to aim high, or your school house names and logos. Muted colours or tranquil imagery will create a sense of calm if your School Hall is also used for non-sporting events like music recitals and drama performances.

External Building Improvements Combining Wall Art & Signage

In a world where image is everything, your school can be judged only on how it looks. We all know that its what’s inside that counts, but when someone visits your school for the first time, the ’are bound to form initial opinions based purely on the external appearance.

By using a combination of painting, hand painted murals or new signage, you can completely transform your schools exterior look and feel. As for faded, unloved or unsightly external walls, we’ll take a more thorough approach, by making over every aspect of your exterior from the smallest details to the overall big picture.

What’s included within an External Improvement? That depends on the current condition of your school’s external walls and what level of transformation you’d like to see happen. If you’re also keen to add a bit of interest to your fence or entrance gates, we can design bespoke Wall Art, Sculptures and signage for schools to give it a lift.

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