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Illuminated LED Signs are a fantastic signage solution to increase brand awareness. Popular in the retail space, LED Signs are perfect for any business looking to stand out from the crowd and communicate your identity.

Our experienced sign writers and sign makers have years of experience in creating LED lighting features and LED illuminated signs. Each illuminated LED sign is custom designed and fabricated according to your specifications and our team of experts work closely with you to understand your business and create a signage solution that accurately reflects who they are. Our end goal is to give your business the best possible chance to succeed in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace.

Types of Illuminated Signs

There are many different types of illuminated signage solutions. Here are some of our illuminated signage solutions:

LED Signs: Single sided lightboxes are the most common type of lightbox we produce. Custom sizes and high quality LED lighting allow for amazing graphics to stand out against competing graphics in shopping centres and retail spaces.

Double sided lightboxes allow for graphics to shine on both sides. They can act as interesting wall dividers and communicate to audiences from different directions. Custom sizes and high quality LED lighting are standard with this design and options for freestanding units are also available. 

Back Lit Signs / Sign Light Box: This type of sign has its own internal lighting system, which means that is visible both during the day at night. You can find all sizes of back-lit lights from larger exterior ones on the front of buildings displaying your business name to smaller interior versions that highlight your products or services. Back Lit Signs perfect for attracting customers’ attention, especially in areas that have poor or lower lighting. The illumination will help your sign get noticed from a great distance away.

Neon Signs: We make neon signs, neon lights and neon art, designed and manufactured using glass or LED stripes. All our neon signs are handmade and we offer a huge range of neon services.

Most of our custom made neon signs are supplied either ready to hang or fully encased in an acrylic box/panel, all you have to do is plug it in and prepare to be amazed. However, should you require any assistance with the installation, we can do the installation for you.

Our custom made neon signs are fabricated to your exact size and specification, we don’t have a standard price list as our costs are dependent on overall size, font used, colour and background/casing. If you’re looking for a custom made neon sign for your home or business, then simply contact us for a quote

Sign Light Box / Light Box Signs for Buildings, Shopfronts and Under Awnings: Illuminated displays are great for making shopfront signs readable in dark conditions. These signs hang outside your business and feature an illuminated face panel with an even internal lighting. We can design these illuminated signs with multiple colours and graphics, letting you convey a lot of information at once even in the darkest conditions.

3D Fabricated Letters with Internal Illumination: Fabricated letter signs are filled with internal LED lights, giving each letter an even and soft glow. These signs are a popular choice for retail stores, restaurants, and commercial buildings. They are extremely easy to read at night, letting customers know instantly whether or not your store has already closed for the night. They are often made from aluminium or acrylic for sturdy and long-lasting solutions.

Illuminated Sky Signage: These illuminated signs can be 10 or more metres wide, making them fully visible from a distance. Letters are either filled with internal LED lighting or complemented with back lighting, depending on the effect you wish to achieve. Halo lighting solutions are great for creating a gentle and warm glow, while face lighting comes in a variety of eye-popping colours to ensure that customers can’t help but turn their heads.

Pylon Signs: Pylon signs are an ideal solution for roadside lightboxes and wayfinding signs to help customers find your business. They can be filled with LED lights and other solutions for maximum visibility 24 hours a day. Pylon Signs are freestanding signs that are built right into the ground. They have a visible support structure to keep them secured. Most pylon signs are at least 5 metres high, with some much higher, and they come in a wide variety of widths. They are usually located away from your building, near the street and your business entrance. They are often the first sign that your customers will see to direct them to your location. You can choose to have your pylon sign illuminated or not illuminated, and you can choose either single or double sided with your message on one or both sides.

Reverse Cut Out Back Lit Signs: Featuring a 50mm to 80mm deep fabricated aluminum composite panel or powder coated aluminium , like a shoebox lid, it can be painted any solid colour or left in a in a brushed aluminum finish. This provides a highly dimensional, architectural look. The maximum size for a single piece is 3400mm x 1200mm. This option features letters cut out of the face and a translucent acrylic backer in your colours. Low voltage LEDs assembled inside to illuminate the cut-out letters. This is our most cost-effective exterior lighted sign.

Reverse Cut, Push Through Acrylic 3D letters Back Lit Signs: For an added dimensional effect, the letters and logo can be profile cut out of the face and then raised acrylic letters push through the face. It’s completed with a translucent acrylic backer in your colours. Low voltage LEDs assembled inside to illuminate the acrylic letters. The maximum size for a single piece is 3400mm x 1200mm.

3D Letters and 3D Signs Illuminated letter signs are channel letter signs with added internal lighting. Channel letter signs are individual letters usually made of acrylic or metal. The metal or acrylic can also be moulded or profile cut into specific shapes to create your logo or other shapes. These illuminated outdoor or indoor business signs can be illuminated with different lighting effects

  1. LED halo Illuminations has the LED lighting come out of the back of the letters or shapes to disperse a lighting feature onto the wall and creates a halo effect around the letters or shapes, This is also the most expensive type of 3D Signs with Illumination
  1. Led Side lit letter illumination is where the sides of the letters are made from opal acrylic which illuminates white or in other colours and front of the letters or shapes are block out from the lights in a solid colour being in stainless steel, aluminium, other feature metals and acrylic
  1. Led Front lit letter illumination is where the sides of the letters are made from a solid opaque acrylic or metal and front of the letter is opal acrylic with translucent vinyl applied for the front only to illuminate 
  1. Led Full letter illumination is where the sides and fronts of the letters are made from opal acrylic and translucent vinyl applied for the front and sides of the letters or shapes, This the second most expensive type of 3D letters unless using the opal acrylic to achieve a white illumination or could be fabricated out of coloured illuminated acrylic.
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