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We pride ourselves on our traditions. Black Blue White Traditional Signwriters are Hand Painted Signage specialists using traditional and modern methods and we understand that hand painted signs can be an effective signage solution for many Brisbane and Ipswich businesses.

Hand-painted lettering and decoration is a classic and stylish way to give your business or home a real feeling of individuality and character. Whether it is period or contemporary, each hand painted sign or mural is unique and designed to suit its location, context and purpose with flair and care. This art form offers a unique alternative to digitally printed signage, and offers our customers that old world charm that is so hard to find in the modern work place.

The English Traditional Signwriting has a venerable history, but in the computer age it has almost died out – there are very few working signwriters left in the 21st century. The traditional craft of signwriting – painting and gilding done by talented individuals who have not only mastered the various techniques required but who have also studied lettering in depth.

Black Blue White has deep respect for, and knowledge of, historical Hand Painted Signage methods and period styles of decoration combined with individuality and a strong sense of design are key to producing top quality hand painted work. Whether it be signwriting a wall or boat, gilding a glass shop front or painting a mural, the craft of signwriting is making a comeback!


Traditional Signwriting FAQs

Traditional Signwriting is a distinctive art form that is based on methods and disciplines that have developed over hundreds of years.

Traditional signwriting is a technique that requires signwriters to develop and paint signage by hand. This style of signage does not rely on modern technology, although these days many traditional signwriters develop their work on a computer, and then use design software and plotters for making their signage layouts.

The signwriter then creates the design by hand, using paint brushes and special enamels for a durable and high-quality finish. In some cases, a traditional signwriter will use chalk, a grease pencil or a paper pounce to outline the design, and then complete it freehand.

Either way, traditional signwriting requires a high-level of skill, and traditional signwriters tend to have many years of practice in their chosen craft.

While hand-painted lettering and murals suits any location, to advertise your business, there’s a few applications where modern, computer-generated lettering and graphics may not be appropriate.
The most effective results are achieved with brushes, paint and an signwriter where there are unusual heavily textured surfaces like brick, sandstone, concrete, timber cladding and corrugated iron walls and roofs, either on a large or small scale.

Such applications may include:

  • Vintage vehicles
  • Heritage buildings
  • Traditional shops and restaurants
  • Large Commercial Buildings and Warehouses
  • Honour Boards
  • Concrete Car Park walls and Columns

Benefits of Traditional Signwriting

Traditional signwriting has had a resurgence in the past decade, probably because of the character and personality this style of signage evokes. Heritage buildings, restaurants and businesses looking to embrace a vintage aesthetic, all lend themselves to traditional signwriting.

It’s Durable and will last for Many Years

The craft may be old, but the paint and enamels used to do the job are more durable than ever, even in the harsh Queensland conditions. Quality traditional signwriting will last many years and ages tastefully and can be easily ‘touched up’.

Works on Many Different Types of Surfaces

Hand painted signs can be painted on many different kinds of surfaces, including timber, concrete wall, glass, brick walls, metal, corrugated iron and many more. Hand Painted Signs are the best method for signage on textured surfaces.

Save Money

Costs for traditional signwriting tend to be lower than many other kinds of signage, due to the high-cost materials and equipment that is involved in the modern-day signage process.

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Costs for traditional signwriting tend to be lower than many other kinds of signage, due to the high-cost materialaContact Us Now and have a chat with Paul Magarry, traditionally trained signwriter & artist the Managing Director of Black Blue White to talk about all the different options and artistry of branding your store or wall with Hand Painted Signs and murals.